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Updated Kosher Liquor List Websites

27 Tishrei 5774 October 21, 2014   Rabbi Shmuel Semelmn, who has been working in kashrus for many years, has become a known authority for many regarding the kashrus of whiskies and liqueurs. His websites have been updated and are now offering information in three languages. English site: Hebrew site: French site:

Update from Kosher Liquor Kosher Liquor List

13 Shevat 5772 February 6, 2012 The following update is provided by Rabbi Shmuel Semelman of the Kosher Whiskey & Liquor website. קנדיאן קלוב קלסיק שהיה מסווג לא מומלץ, מאושר כעת  ע”י סי ר סי

KWL: ‘Ask the Rav’ Feature Now Available

29 Adar II 5771 April 4, 2011 Rabbi Shmuel Semelman, the administrator of the KWL (Kosher Whiskey & Liquor) website is now offering an “Ask the Rabbi” section, permitting readers to submit questions to him. This new feature can be accessed by following the link . You will be brought to a page that offers read more »

Update from Kosher Wines & Liquors

4 Adar II 5771 March 10, 2011  The following information is provided by Rabbi Shmuel Semelman of the Kosher Whiskey and Liquor website . Kirsch Etter: Not Kosher The reason Kirsch Etter is listed as such is the inclusion of wine yeast in products.    

KLBD Update Regarding Ouzo

5 Adar 1 5771 February 9, 2011 The head of the research division of the KLBD (Kashrus Division of the London Beit Din) has confirmed that the kashrus organization does not currently approve Ouzo Mini. The KLBD only has information about Ouzo 12. I am publishing this in response to many inquiries following a KWL read more »

KWL Update: Grey Goose Vodka and More

2 Adar I 5771 February 6, 2011 The following updates provided by Rabbi Shmuel Semelman of Kosher Whiskey & Liquor. In an effort to add a measure of clarity, JKN adds the following, taken from the KLBD’s “The Really Jewish Food Guide – 2011/5771”. Anyone interested in purchasing the guide may do so at the read more »

KWL: CORRECTION – Lindt Chocolate

14 Shevat 5771 January 19, 2011 Yesterday, the release pertaining to Lindt plain dark chocolate (parve) approved by the KLBD agency erroneously stated “chocolate liquor”. The London Beit Din approval refers only to “plain dark chocolate” produced by the Lindt Company and has no connection to any liquor product. This is confirmed on the KWL read more »

KWL Update: Kirsch Etter

13 Shevat 5771 January 18, 2011   The following update was received from Rabbi Shmuel Semelman of KWL (Kosher Whiskey & Liquor) regarding Kirsch Etter. See the update at