Badatz Mehadrin – Updated List

30 Nissan 5771
1 Rosh Chodesh Iyar
May 4, 2011

r-rubin-symbol-hebrew5Following is a list of eateries under the supervision of ‘Badatz Mehadrin’, Rabbi Avraham Rubin Shlita. The list was prepared on, 28 Nissan (May 2, 2011) at 15:30.

One must always check for a valid kosher certificate prior to ordering in a restaurant or eatery as changes do occur.

I have inserted the ‘meat’, ‘dairy’ and ‘parve’ designations with the exception of pizza shops.

1. Achuzat Jerusalem Hall (Center) (meat)
2. Barbeque (Old City) (meat)
3. Burger Bite (Belz) (meat)
4. Burgers Bar (Givat Shaul) (meat)
5. Burgers Bar (Shmuel HaNavi) (meat)
6. Chafetz Chaim (Agrippas Street) (butcher/ take home) (meat)
7. Chafetz Chaim (Givat Shaul) (meat)
8. Chafetz Chaim Guest House (Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim) (meat)**
9. Chico Corner (Shmuel HaNavi) (meat)
10. Coffee Bagel (Old City) (dairy)
11. Cafe Bagels (Ramat Beit Shemesh)(dairy)**
12. Dash Catering (Bayit Vegan) (meat & dairy)
13. Dr. Toast (Shmuel HaNavi) (dairy)
14. Elegant Hall (Mount Scopus)
15. Eli’s Restaurant  (near Mir) (meat)
16. Entrecote (Har Chotzvim) (meat)
17. Frogurt – (Ramat Beit Shemesh) (dairy) **
18. Glidaland – (Ramat Beit Shemesh) (dairy)**
19. Green Good Food (Rechavia) (dairy)
20. Grill Burger – (Ramat Beit Shemesh)**
21. Grill Burger (Givat Shaul) (meat)
22. Gveina V’Agvania (Cheese & Tomato) (center of town) (dairy)
23. Har Nof Bagels (Har Nof) (dairy)
24. Holy Bagel – (Ramat Beit Shemesh) (dairy) **
25. Ice & Bagels (Shmuel HaNavi) (dairy)
26. Katzefet Fresh (Sanhedria) (dairy)
27. Kebab Burger (Shmuel HaNavi) (meat)
28. L’yad HaKikar (Center) (dairy) (Off the Square)
29. LaKaza (Geula) (meat)
30. Latteccini (Shaare Chessed) (dairy)
31. Marzipan Sorrento (Old City) (dairy/parve)
32. Melting Babka (Ramat Eshkol) (parve)
33. Mezonos (Givat Shaul) (dairy)
34. Miznon HaPisga – (Bayit Vegan) (meat)
35. Modi (Givat Shaul) (meat)
36. Muscat – (Givat Shaul) (dairy)
37. Myers Catering (Ramat Shlomo) (meat)
38. Nina’s Café (Ramat Eshkol) (dairy)
39. Pizza – Bar Ilan Pizza (Bar Ilan)
40. Pizza – Dr. Pizza (Bar Ilan)
41. Pizza – Jerusalem 2 Pizza (Har Nof)
42. Pizza – Oh My Gosh Pizza (Har Nof)
43. Pizza – Rimini Pizza (Ramat Eshkol)
44. Pizza – Royal Pizza (N’vei Yaakov)
45. Pizza, Mamash Chinam (Shmuel HaNavi)
46. Salsalite (Har Chotzvim) (dairy)
47. Sam Bagels (Geula) (dairy)
48. Sam Bagels (Ramat Eshkol) (dairy)
49. Sam Bagels Factory (Gilo)
50. Savata U’Veracta Restaurant (Mir) (meat)
51. Shaulzon Burger (Har Nof) (meat)
52. Shaulzon Fish (Har Nof) (fish store)
53. Shwarma Bar (Shmuel HaNavi)(meat)
54. Shwarma Bar Shalom (Ramot) (meat)
55. Shwarma Tzanani (Geula) (meat)
56. Steakiat HaMuShanim (Givat Shaul) (meat)
57. Steakiat Yad Avraham (Ramot) (meat)
58. Take Away (Bar Ilan) (meat)
59. Tamar’s Restaurant (Ra’am Jct/Masmia) (meat)**
60. Yankele Super Ohf (Givat Shaul) (butcher-meat)
61. Yerushalayim HaKetana (Tzfat) (meat)**
62. Zizslach Ice Cream (Geula) (dairy)
** Indicates establishment is outside of Jerusalem





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