More on Hiddurim Alert from the Eida

26 Tevet 5771
January 2, 2011


Hiddurim packages with logo and hologram

I spoke with a rav from the Eida Chareidit’s shechitah department to verify the information again a short time ago – seeking to get a better understanding of the situation for a number of people are concerned to say the least.

He verified the accuracy of the alert, stressing [once again, as I do when I speak and write] that Eida meats and poultry must be in factory wrapping, showing the Eida seal/logo, and in addition, an Eida hologram. If any of these components are missing, the Eida assumes no responsibility for the product.

Regarding this particular alert, the Eida is investigating. Fears are more prominent concerning beef than poultry, and poultry that was purchased with the regular (standard) Hiddurim wrapper are presumed okay, although in general one must have a hologram. On the other hand, beef purchased in a different wrapper, namely one with an Osher Ahd label stating “Hiddurim” is the problematic batch. The rav did add that if poultry was sold in the same Osher Ahd packaging, there too he is concerned.

The Eida is in the midst of tracking down this particular shipment(s) to verify if the source was indeed Hiddurim. In short, the kashrus company cannot assume responsibility on products, in this case meat that was not under its constant and total control.

As the alert states, anyone who cooked the problematic meat should contact a rav. Anyone with additional questions may contact the Eida Chareidit Shechitah Department at 02-623-2335.

As an additional note, many other shechitahs use holograms as well, an additional step towards verifying the kashrus integrity of the product, including but not limited to Badatz Mehadrin, Sheiris Yisrael, Ohf Anash (Chabad) and Kehillos.



  • Nechama Sarah
    January 3, 2011 - 10:20 | Permalink

    How could a store knowingly do something like this. Surely they know much wrath will descend upon them. Maybe it was the middleman? The delivery person? This needs further investigation.

  • Sara
    January 4, 2011 - 17:44 | Permalink

    My husband was just at Osher Ad and there was a sign from the badatz that everything is ok.
    Please update us!

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