Chodosh Alert: R’ Elyashiv Retracts P’sak on Bran

14 Shevat 5771
January 19, 2011

bran-photo1The following is from Y. Herman’s Chodosh bulletin, the source of most chodosh alerts used by JKN.

“On Dec 21st we announced that we had received a p’sak from HaRav Elyashiv that stated that wheat bran and oat bran have  no problem of Chodosh, even if they come from Chodosh grain.

It turns out that the p’sak was based on the incorrect assumption that such bran today is basically produced for animal food. When it was explained to HaRav Elyashiv that such bran is very commonly used for human food, he stated that bran coming from chodosh grain should be treated as Chodosh.

Therefore, where oat bran is listed as an ingredient, the usual packing cutoff date of Jul 26 should be used and for wheat bran Aug 9, as has been assumed thus far in the Guide.

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