Mashgiach Training Course in Jerusalem

5 Cheshvan 5771
October 13, 2010

kashrus-symbols-april-2009If you are looking to learn a great deal more about kashrus, or perhaps you are entertaining training to become a mashgiach, I would like to recommend the course offered at Jerusalem’s Puah Institute, located in Givat Shaul.


The course is in Hebrew and is intended to prepare participants for the Rabbinate’s exam to become a certified mashgiach.

The course is headed by noted veteran kashrus expert Rabbi Chanan Brand Shlita, and the next course is beginning on Sunday, 9 Cheshvan (October 17th). The classes are held on Sunday evenings (17:00 – 20:00), and there are 30 sessions, which include halacha lectures, practical visits to hotel/factory perhaps and more. (I will add the course is quite intense and suited to people with a background in learning).

Lecturers include Rabbi Menachem Borstein, Rabbi Moshe Vaye, Rabbi Chaim Bloch, Rabbi Shmuel Borstein, Rabbi Pinchos Kalish, and other experts in the field, covering the vast field of kashrus, halacha, practical application, hilchot shabbat, and much much more.

I have taken the class in the past and found it well worth the time. I spoke with Rabbi Brand today and he informed me that a number of slots are still available, so I decided to spread the word towards increasing education and assisting Puah which has a well-earned reputation.

If you are interested in signing up, contact Puah at 02-651-7171, or 052-407-7077 or email

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