Chief Rabbinate Update – 17/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 17

24 Nissan 5770
April 8, 2010

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1As per the notification of Rabbi Yonah Porat Shlita, the rabbi of the Shafir Regional Council and head of the Mitzvot T’Luyot B’Aretz Institute, one should not use the product under the label ‘Yud Yevulei Katif Mehadrin’ insect-free greens from Moshav Noam, owned by Mr. Yaakov Dahan.

The product was mistakenly distributed nationwide despite the presence of insects and those who have accepted shipment, are instructed to immediately remove the product from store shelves. One should not accept the product until further notice.

The Chief Rabbinate unit addressing leafy greens is working in tandem with the kashrut certifying agency to ensure the company is brought up to standard to permit re-certification and re-use. (Photo item one on left side of original document).


The Tiveria Local Rabbinate reports it received complaints from guests in the city’s Chof Ron Hotel, located on the Kinneret shore. Complaints alleged the hotel was selling beer and other chametz products during Passover.

Representatives of the local rabbinate contacted hotel management, reporting officials refused to remove the chametz products, resulting in the revocation of the hotel’s kashrut certificate.

Hotel officials refused to return the actual kashrut certificate, compelling a visit by members of the Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Enforcement Division towards obtaining the certificate.

The Chief Rabbinate announces to the general public that the hotel no longer has a certificate of kashrut.

In addition, since the hotel violated the terms of the chametz sale agreement, all the chametz items in the hotel are regarded as ‘chametz that was in the possession of a Jew over the holiday’, now categorized as forbidden for use forever.


The Juno Monta Hall and catering facility located on Pierre Koenig Street in the Talpiot area of southern Jerusalem is not under the kashrut supervision of the Jerusalem Religious Council. As such, rabbis are prohibited from conducting weddings in the hall.


The Ohr Yehuda Local Religious Council reports the kashrut supervision was removed from Mifgash Frischman, located at 12, Yechezkel Kazaz Street due to “serious kashrut violations”.


The Kiryat Atta Rabbinate announces one should not accept meats under the schita of Rabbi Reuven Lin or any other shochet (ritual slaughterer) from Kiryat Ata unless one can verify the following regulations have been adhered to.
1) The slaughter house used is approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Division.
2) A ‘Rav Bodek’ (inspector) must be present to verify the validity of the process.
3) A certified and approved kashrut ‘plomber’ must be affixed to the meat following schita.
4) A shipping manifest containing schita details must accompany meat delivery.
5) Meats may not be transported by a non-Jew without approved supervision.
If any of the above-mentioned regulations are not met, one mustn’t accept a meat delivery and one should immediate report to the Chief Rabbinate.

Link to original Hebrew document.

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