Chief Rabbinate Update – 15/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 15

7 Nissan 5770
March 22, 2010

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1See earlier JKN posting regarding Yivul HaNegev insect-free greens and pesticide alert.

Burgel and wheat under the name “Rimon legumes from nature” advertises under the supervision of Badatz Machzikei Hadas Israel and kosher for Passover for those who eat kitniot under the Lod Rabbinate.

The problem arises when one cooks it is water, resulting in the item converting to actual chametz and therefore, the Lod Rabbinate has removed its hechsher.

The item should not be permitted by mashgichim. (photo 2 right in original Hebrew document)


ShuferSal Big – (4 Alterlaf Street – Yahud)
The stores mashgiach noticed that at the pitzuchim (seeds-nuts) stand of Sasson HaCola – Dayan Shivuk LTD, kabukim (flour coated peanuts) are sold with a claim of “kosher for Passover”. The item is actually chametz in its purest form. The item during the year has a hechsher from Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau of Bnei Brak Shlita, and the Passover claim is backed by an unauthorized sticker. Mashgichim are instructed to inspect pitzuchim stands in supermarkets. (photo 3 left in original Hebrew document)

Boutique HaTavline (57 Sokolov Street – Holon and another store at 44 Sokolov, Holon)
The store was apprehended selling sweet Moroccan paprika bearing a sticker “Kosher for Passover for those who eat kitniot, Badatz Beit Yosef, kosher/parve – trumot and ma’asrot taken”.

In actuality, the product does not have any kosher supervision, not the Rabbanut and/or Beit Yosef. (photo 4 left in original Hebrew document)


Pure Olive Oil (barcode 7290008569019) is marked “kosher for Passover mehadrin – Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak”.

In reality, the product has no kosher supervision whatsoever. (photo 5 right in original Hebrew document)

Chaim Tovim Soup Nuts (Almonds) for Passover is permitted for distribution after a change was made in the shape of the product [to distinguish from the regular non-Passover version) and in accordance with Beit Shemesh Rabbanut.


Rabbi Ezra Hariri Refael Shlita, who heads the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Foreign Slaughter Unit, wishes to inform the public that of late, meat has begun appearing in Israel “with authorization of Rabbi Refael”. The rabbi is not connected with this and has not authorized the use of his name.


Hadera Rabbinate officials announce the closing of the Kol Dag factory which produces smoked fish products in the Hadera northern industrial area. As a result the Hadera Rabbinate no longer assumes any responsibility for the product.


Following is a list of items marketed in Israel a “kosher for Passover with authorization of the Chief Rabbinate” but in reality, they are not authorized by the chief rabbinate. 

There are concerns regarding the kashrut of these products because the kosher claim is nothing more than a sticker pasted on the original packaging which does not exhibit any kosher claim or symbol of a kosher agency. (photos of items in original Hebrew document, item 9)

**Hamlet apple filled pastry (barcode 5400265008493). It is marked as kosher, not chalav yisrael, with kashrut certification from Rabbi Moshe Alon, France.

**Chocolate nugget (barcode 8001675302880), marked kosher for Passover, dairy, kitniot, under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Saadon.

**M. Sido chocolate covered nuts (barcode 6905336891404), marked kosher for Passover, dairy, kitniot, Rabbi Moshe Saadon.

**Chocolate item (not certain) (barcode 8001675353080), marked kosher for Passover, dairy, Rabbi Moshe Saadon.

**Tiki Tak bittersweet chocolate filled with nut cream and coconut (barcode 5900102005314), kosher for Passover, kitniot, Rabbi Moshe Saadon. Special Passover run SIKS.

**Bittersweet chocolate (barcode 657872213047), kosher for Passover, Rabbi Chasdon, USA.


A recent notification appeared in a local Holon publication called HaShikma, issue 1211 (2 Nissan, March 3rd), advertising a seder in the Mofet Hall located at 31 Histadrut Street in Holon.

The event is advertised as “glatt mehadrin”. The Holon Rabbinate advises the public the hall does not have kashrut certification during the year, let alone on Passover.


Warning concerning the Tzela HaAdom butcher shop in the industrial zone in Ramat Yishai (north) advertises meat from kosher schita. According to the chief rabbi of the area, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Volosov Shlita, there is absolutely no supervision on the establishment and one must be concerned over the source of the meat due to the reality that the butcher is owned by a non-Jew so halachically, the meat is under the category of unwatched, and vanishing from the eyesight of supervision and therefore problematic and should not be used.

There are complaints that in the larger chain supermarkets, marketing representatives of large firms seek to place items in prominent positions on shelves, pushing chametz items on shelves cleaned and prepared for Passover in an effort to rid themselves of the items before Passover.

Mashgichim are instructed to exhibit vigilance to ensure shoppers are not victim to such practices and that items sold are only Kosher for Passover.

Shani’s Bakery (Haifa) advertises “Passover cakes” on cakes which contain Passover ingredients, but made in/on regular equipment, i.e. chametz.

The various local rabbinates are urged to prohibit such a practice to remove this kashrut stumbling block.

Link to original Hebrew document.

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