Unauthorized Use of Hashgacha Symbols

7 Sivan 5774 June 5, 2014 The following information was taken from the Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Enforcement Unit update number 018/5774, dated today. The Amit Keilim Chad Pa’amiyim Company is using hashgacha symbols of hashgachos including Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau of Bnei Brak and the Eida Chareidis without authorization. The Netivot based company does read more »

Hashgacha of the Karaite Community

7 Sivan 5774 June 5, 2014 The following information was taken from the Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Enforcement Unit update number 018/5774, dated today. A hashgacha issued by the Karaite community was found in a butcher ship in Ashdod. The method of shechita of the Karaite community is prohibited according to Shulchan Aruch. One may view read more »

Assaf HaRofeh Hospital Does Not Have Hashgacha

7 Sivan 5775 June 5, 2014 Chief Rabbinate of Israel spokesman Ziv Maor reports on Thursday, 7 Sivan 5774, that Assaf HaRofeh Hospital does not have a valid hashgacha at present. The hospital has been operating without a rav for the past two months. At present there the hospital and food complexes operating within do read more »

Alert from Badatz Mehadrin Regarding “Top Sweet”

28 Iyar 5774 May 28, 2014 Badatz Mehadrin reports it no longer gives a hashgacha to the Top Sweet Company in Rehovot. This company’s products are marketed under the names “Yasu”, and “Over the Rainbow”      

Shatnez Alerts from Bnei Brak, San Jose, Edgeware & Flatbush Shatnez Laboratories and More

21 Iyar 5774 May 21, 2014 The PDF document contains important shatnez alerts from the Bnei Brak, San Jose, Edgware & Flatbush shatnez laboratories. In addition, read the story of the erev Pesach Miracle.   14 May News & Information To contact shatnez expert Rabbi Eliyahu Neiman directly, please email shatnezlabint@gmail.com

Kosharot: Results of Testing on 19 ‘Gush Katif’ Brands

20 Iyar 5774 May 20, 2014 The Chief Rabbinate has ceased testing or at least publicizing findings from tests conducted on the so-called gush katif greens. I will say the from buying different products from time-to-time I have noticed many of the so-called insect free brands with different hashgachos are not fit to be eaten read more »

Alert Pertaining to Ben-Gurion Airport Duty Free

16 Iyar 5774 May 16, 2014 The cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) has verified that the only store in Ben-Gurion Airport that does not buy or sell any chometz over Pesach and has properly sold their chometz for 2014 is the James Richardson Store at Gate D7. This is the same information I have received in read more »

Mamlechet HaHalva

15 Iyar 5774 May 15, 2014 I have written about this company on several occasions in past years. Anyone frequenting Shuk Machane Yehuda knows the folks standing on Eitz Chaim Street pushing free halva samples in your face. Today others have joined and halva is being sold on a number of streets in the shuk, read more »

Badatz Mehadrin Alert Pertaining to Peeled Vegetables

14 Iyar 5774 May 14, 2014 Badatz Mehadrin announces that peeled beets, carrots, potatoes and onions from the “Tapudi HaEmek – Nir Gilboa” company in Moshav Nir Yaffa are using the hashgacha’s logo without authorization. The items mentioned above are not under the badatz’s hashgacha. These items are frequently ordered by restaurants and falafel stores.

Eida Chareidis Update Ahead of Lag B’Omer

14 Iyar 5774 May 14, 2014 The Eida Chareidis announces only those places listed in the announcement below are under its supervision in northern Israel. The announcement is released ahead of the anticipated large number of visitors who will be heading to Meron to the Kever Rashbi for Lag B’Omer.