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STaM Alert: Warning: Single Ply Giddin

15 Shevat 5771 January 20, 2011 Large amounts of single ply giddin have made their way into the market and are being used by sofrim and sewers of tefillin and scrolls. Giddin (sinew – the ‘thread’ used to sew tefillin boxes and Torah scrolls) which is single ply is held together by glue is not read more »

A Look at What a Sofer Is and Is Not

14 Shevat 5771 January 19, 2011 There is a misunderstanding among most people as to what a sofer (scribe) is, what he does, what he must learn — and if he requires certification. Most assume that all sofrim are equally trained, and are knowledgeable in all aspects and disciplines within STaM (Sifrei Torah & Mezuzot).

Bulletin Regarding Tekhelet (A Clarification)

11 Shevat 5771 January 16, 2011 The tekhelet made by ‘Ptil Tekhelet’ is made from the murex trunculus snail.  The Radzyn or Breslov tekhelet made by’ Machon HaTekhelet’ is made from a squid. The Ptil Tekhelet organization makes their tekhelet with strings according the Rambam which has one half of a shamos string blue and read more »

Certified Soferim Outsourcing Tagin

8 Shevat 5771 January 12, 2011 Mishmeres STaM and Vaad HaRabbonim L’inyanei STaM warn regarding sofrim and brokers who sell STaM which was written by certified sofrim however the tagin were completed later by individuations that are not certified and are not sofrim. In some cases those putting on tagin were people who were not read more »

STaM Alert: Computer Exams in Lieu of Manual Exams

29 Tevet 5771 January 5, 2011 Mishmeres STaM and the Vaad HaRabbonim L’inyanei STaM warn of possible misinformation by sofrim, brokers and stores who sell STaM which was examined only by computer, implying such an examination determines kashrut of the article. Computer examination only checks for missing and extra letters and words or misplaced words. read more »

STaM Alert: Concerning Articles of STaM

26 Tevet 5771 January 2, 2011 Non certified Sofrim – Renewed calls have been issued by Mishmeres STaM, the Beis Din of Rav Wosner, HaRabbonim  L’inyanei STaM  and the Badatz the Eida Chareidis of Jerusalem for individuals to only purchase Sifrei Torah, tefillin and mezuzos from sofrim with valid certification. They point out certifications are read more »

STaM Alert: Photocopied Mezuzot on Parchment

26 Tevet 5771 January 2, 2011  Rav Shamai Gross Shlita of Mishmeres HaKodesh of Belz , Vaad HaRabbonim  L’inyanei STaM  and Mishmeres STaM warn of a new flood of photocopied mezuzot. The text was photocopied onto real parchment. The fraudulent mezuzot were found to be copied on the standard size klaf of 10 and 12 read more »

STaM Alert: Double Sided Black Retzuos

21  Tevet 5771 December 28, 2010 An advisory has been issued concerning to those individuals who have purchased double-sided black retzuos. One may think that since they are black on both sides that they are also black in the inside and therefore do not to be checked for cracking or not being black on the read more »

STaM Consumer Bulletin – ‘Shul Hopper Examinations’

16 Tevet 5771 December 23, 2010 A warning was put out by Vaad HaRabbonim L’inyanei STaM concerning “shul hopper examinations” which include individuals and stores who set up business outside of shuls or batei medrashim in the morning, offering an express same day tefillin examination service and tefillin batim repair, or special examination of “prudot read more »

Non-Hechsher Hechsher Talisim

15 Tevet December 22, 2010 Many of us like to purchase a new talis or talis katan for the New Year. We wrap ourselves in mitzvoth. After all, what can be wrong with a new Talis? Most talisim are manufactured by a few companies that produce talisim in Israel, but there are also talisim and read more »