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The Sta”m Chronicle (4)

20 Cheshvan 5774 October 24, 2014 In our last Newsletter we discussed two of five tips one can employ when purchasing Sta”m to help ensure that a l’chatchilah product is received. 1. “Ask around” among people known to be scrupulous in their mitzvah observance. And 2. Ask if the sofer and magiah have received certification. read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (3)

3 Cheshvan 5774 October 7, 2013 In our last discussion we addressed the issue of subpar Sta”m being sold at low prices. Yet, as we all know, even when paying a respectable sum for what should be a respectable product, we do not always receive quite what we thought we were paying for. And this read more »

Tefillin: to Check or Not to Check – That is the Question

26 Tishrei 5774 September 30, 3013 Do I need to have my tefillin checked? Under certain conditions one is required to have his tefillin checked: If one learns that the sofer or provider of his tefillin is unreliable In this situation one must also consult his rav since if the reliability of the sofer comes read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (2) Mitzvas Mezuza

13 Tishrei 5774 September 17, 2013 Recently, I found myself perusing an article written by one of the greatest Rabbanim in America. He was writing with the goal of impressing upon people the importance of Mitzvas Mezuza. He dwelled extensively on various aspects of the mitzvah. As one in the field, I was pleased to read more »

Tefillin – Can’t Leave Home Without ‘em (Traveling With Tefillin)

13 Tishrei 5774 – September 17, 2013 Whether we travel by car, bus, train or plane our tefillin often accompany us. Are you aware of the potential risks to your tefillin when traveling and how to best prevent them from being lost or damaged? Let’s look at the various modes of transportation and the potential read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle

19 Elul 5773 – August 25, 2013 I have learned that R’ Reuvain Mendlowitz, the author of “Inside Sta”m, a Complete Buyers Guide”  has begun writing a Sta”m newsletter. Viewing this as an opportunity to help raise awareness (which is his goal and mine), I asked for permission to post the newsletter on our site. read more »

Inside STaM (סת”ם)

17 Tishrei 5773 2nd Day Chol Hamoed Sukkos Permit me to share a fascinating experience with you. About 10 days ago I acquired my copy of a new book, written by Rabbi Reuvain Mendlowitz [of Ramat Beit Shemesh – Israel], a book that presents itself as “a complete buyers guide” for STaM items. The book read more »

Summer Warning Regarding Care of Tefillin

10 Tammuz 5771 July 12, 2011 Summer creates various challenges pertaining to the care of one’s phylacteries. Summer is a wonderful time we enjoy the warmth of the sun but our tefillin don’t fare well in extreme heat. This is simple reminder to everyone to be extra careful, especially on very hot days. One should read more »

Instant Sofer Courses

25 Sivan 5711 June 27, 2011 There have been a number of signs luring Avreichim who are looking for an additional source of income, offering courses which claim they will train students to become a certified and qualified sofer, who will be able to sell mezuzoth tefillin and articles of STaM, in a short period read more »

STaM Alert: Retzuos & Giddin from Ukraine and E. Europe

27 Iyar 5771 May 31, 2011 A warning has been issued pertaining retzuos (straps) and giddin (sinew) originating in Ukraine or Eastern Europe. Large quantities of these items, both with and without a hechsher, are being imported from the Ukraine. Even the items with a hechsher are extremely problematic. They are manufactured in very large read more »