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Sofer Training – Warning for Innocent Future Soferim

3 Marcheshvan 5775 October 27, 2014 By Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum In a time when many young yeshiva and kollel men are looking to earn money they consider their options, most prefer an option which would keep them in a Torah environment. One popular option is becoming a sofer. In reality learning to be a certified read more »

Not All Soferim are Alike

In many ways Soferim are like physicians. There are many types and many subspecialties among medical physicians. The same is true for Soferim. A Sofer is a generic description of a halachic functional, who is been trained in a particular defined area of technical practical halachah. In general, the Sofer is someone who was trained read more »

Understanding what you should be getting when you purchase articles of STaM

6 Iyar 5774 May 6, 2014 One consumer advocate said if you get what you paid for then consider it a bargain. Unfortunately this has become reality in our unclear consumer oriented world in which dollars have more value than the sanctity of the articles of STaM which we are purchasing. This is a brief read more »

Pre Pesach STaM Matters

28 Adar II 5774 March 30,2014 As Pesach approaches us there are many preparations that are required. There are many things that we must take care of and prepare for the holiday. While it is focused on cleaning of one’s home and preparations for the holiday there are many related points which we should be read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (10)

17 Adar I 5774 February 17, 2014 Aesthetic Beauty vs. Yiras Shamayim (part III) In our last two discussions we chronicled the pros and cons of choosing a sofer with a beautiful handwriting and a sofer who is a great yirei Shamayim. We can try and summarize the issues by honing in on a couple read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (9)

28 Shevat 5774 January 29, 2014 Aesthetic beauty vs. Yiras Samayim (Part 2) Last week we discussed reasons why choosing a sofer with a beautiful kesav may be more worthwhile than choosing a sofer who is a great yirei shamayim. Now we will explore the argument for choosing a sofer who is a great yerei read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (8)

8 Shevat 5774 January 9, 2014 Aesthetic beauty vs. Yiras Samayim (Part 1) An extremely common question that one in the Sta”m business hears all the time is whether it is preferable to purchase Sta”m from a sofer who is a great yerei Shamayim (very God-fearing individual) or one with a very beautiful kesav (handwriting). read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (7)

17 Teves 5774 December 20, 2013 Behind the [halachic] scenes at a Hachnasas Sefer Torah People enjoy the atmosphere at a Hachnasas Sefer Torah. Prominent Rabbanim are often present, many people are honored with writing a letter and the atmosphere is festive in honor of this (relatively) rare mitzvah. Yet, there are many halachic issues read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (6)

29 Kislev 5774 December 2, 2013   I would like to discuss a recent incident in which I was somewhat involved, in spite of it being only peripherally related to our regular area of discussion. I received a phone call from a very learned, sincere fellow the other day. He wanted to know the exact read more »

The Sta”m Chronicle (5)

10 Kislev 5774 November 13, 2013 In our last two Newsletters we discussed four of five tips one can employ when purchasing Sta”m to help ensure that a l’chatchilah product is received. 1. “Ask around” among people known to be scrupulous in their mitzvah observance. 2. Ask the seller if the sofer and magiah have read more »