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A Bit of Clarity Regarding Shmitah (1)

25 Tishrei 5775 October 19, 2014 It has been some time since the website has been active but shmitah compels an awakening. I continue to receive many inquiries from perplexed consumers regarding shmitah and the terms that are unfamiliar to many, especially residents of The Diaspora. Permit me to strongly recommend attending shiurim on the read more »

Meet “The Shmitah App”

25 Tishrei 5775 October 19, 2014 B”H, once again Am Yisrael is privileged to observe the mitzvah of shemittah. Today modern day lifestyle which includes travel and importing and exporting of foods around the world compel all kosher consumers to familiarize themselves with the minimum halachos to be certain what to look out for. This read more »