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Shatnez Alerts from Bnei Brak, San Jose, Edgeware & Flatbush Shatnez Laboratories and More

21 Iyar 5774 May 21, 2014 The PDF document contains important shatnez alerts from the Bnei Brak, San Jose, Edgware & Flatbush shatnez laboratories. In addition, read the story of the erev Pesach Miracle.   14 May News & Information To contact shatnez expert Rabbi Eliyahu Neiman directly, please email

Updated “What Needs to be Checked for Shatnez” List

10 Nissan 5774 April 10, 2014 With yomtov on the horizon many of us are buying new garments for family members. Often there is a measure of confusion surrounding what garments require checking to rule out the presence of shatnez. JKN’s shatnez expert presents the updated 2014 “What Needs to be Checked for Shatnez” list read more »

May One Try on a New Garment that May Contain Shatnez?

7 Nissan 5774 April 7, 2014   Dear Fellow Jew, When purchasing a garment that contains shatnez, may one try on the garment before the shatnez is removed? In the Adar Beis/March issue of The Kuntris (a relatively new Torah monthly), they had an article from Vaad L’Mishmeres Shatnez regarding this very important question. Please read more »

Shatnez Consumer Alert

29 Adar II 5774 March 31, 2014 Garments must be tested at qualified laboratories only. Professional testing is vital in ensuring a garment is free of shatnez as indicated below. For additional information; Contact (Eretz Yisrael) Rabbi Eliyahu Neiman: Contact (USA) 1-877-4-SHATNEZ. Pictured in the photo on the PDF document is a fabric containing read more »

Shatnez Alert: Alterations

Most Dry-Cleaners today do alterations, even though we do not have any issues with their cleaning, however we do have issues with their alterations. Tailors in Europe may use linen threads. American tailors do not generally use linen thread. Therefore in America, we are not concerned that tailors or cleaners are using linen thread. The read more »

Chief Rabbinate Seeking to Formulate Shatnez Regulations

4 Adar I 5774 February 4, 2014 The Chief Rabbinate of Israel Council convened this week to discuss a number of issues, including shatnez. Presenting data to the council was Rabbi Yaakov Gurwitz, a former American and long-time resident of Israel who has earned a reputation around the world for his expertise on the topic read more »

Shatnez Alert: Shatnez in women’s garments!!

Eve of 25 Shevat 5774 January 25, 2014 The following types of women’s garments are being found with shatnez. Shatnez testing is recommended. Down coat Linen sweater Woolen blend jacket Woolen blend skirt Woolen cape To read the entire article, please click on the hyperlink to the right. Jan 2014 consumer notice women’s garments To contact read more »

Shatnez Alert: Toggle Buttons

18 Shevat 5774 January 19, 2014 We have alerted you to issues regarding toggle buttons in the past. Here it is again for at times, the cords of the toggle buttons are linen.   To read the entire alert click on the hyperlink to the right.   14 Jan Toggle Buttons  

Shatnez Alert: Shatnez in Sweaters

18 Shevat 5774 January 19, 2014 This sweater was checked in the Bnei Brak lab this week. The main body is not wool but the embroidery around the neck is wool. The tag at the nape is linen as is the tag that says 46. The rest of the tags are not linen. To read read more »

Shatnez Alert: Shatnez in “CHALAT”

18 Shevat 5774 January 19, 2014 A wealthy American businessman bought Harav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, a “Chalat” from a Jewish owned store in Brooklyn, New York. Harav Kanievsky was assured that “everyone” in New York relies on this store as being shatnez free. JKN ADDS: This is a strong message to consumers that buying clothing read more »