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Following my Visit to Meurav Yerushalmi

8 Cheshvan 5773 As promised, I visited the shwarma store located in the Old City of the capital, at 5 Beit El Street. I met with owner Yaron Sheetrit, a young man in his 30s. I spent about two hours speaking with Yaron, and I feel compelled to mention how impressed I was by this read more »

Meurav Yerushalmi – Jerusalem’s Old City

7 Cheshvan 5773 After my report yesterday I spoke with the owner of the store, Mr. Yaron Sheetrit. We spoke at length and I learned the following, which I believe is appropriate to share with you are this time. 1. He used to be under the hashgacha of Jerusalem Rabbinate mehadrin and at his behest, read more »

Ma’adanei Ramat Eshkol (Paran Street Strip Mall)

3 Tishrei 5773 We learn in life to take our victories when we can, and in this case, I view the fact that this store now has a legitimate badatz hashgacha a step in the correct direction. This store has operated for many years with a Jerusalem Rabbinate regular hashgacha alongside one of the unauthorized read more »

Update on Joy Restaurant (24 Emek Refaim Street)

3 Tishrei 5773   The restaurant is under the hashgacha of Badatz Beit Yosef since July 2012. I have confirmed this today, speaking to one of the administrator’s of the badatz.  

Update on Cafe Rimon Meat Restaurant

Eve of 3 Tishrei 5773 G’mar tov to all, I would just like to inform you that the Café Rimon meat restaurant located on Luntz Street off of Ben-Yehuda in the center of Jerusalem has changed its hashgacha. It is now under Badatz Yoreh Deah (Rabbi Shlomo Machpud) and the Jerusalem Rabbinate non-mehadrin. The other read more »

Moshiko Shwarma (Chief Rabbinate Version)

12 Elul 5772 Just today I reported that Moshiko Shwarma restaurant in Jerusalem has been reinstated and is now under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin. Wishing to be certain, I checked with Rabbi David Malka, the secretary in the Kashrus Department, the man that runs the day-to-day show. As you already know I read more »

Etzel Bini Restaurant (מסעדת אצל בני)

12 Elul 5772 The following is taken from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Update 026/2012. An inspection of the restaurant located at 23 HaChalutz Street in Haifa revealed they are advertising a “kosher mehadrin” using a certificate from the unauthorized Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak agency. The restaurant operates on a regular non-mehadrin standard. What is confusing read more »

Update on Heimeshe Essen (19 Keren Kayamet L’Yisrael Street, Jerusalem)

12 Elul 5772 Heimeshe Essen is once again under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin. On 19 Tammuz JKN reported it lost its hashgacha. On 22 Tammuz I reported that the rabbinate reinstated the non-mehadrin supervision. Today I confirmed that the restaurant is once again Jerusalem Rabbinate mehadrin.   I have not received any read more »

Moshiko (Jerusalem)

18 Menachem Av 5772 The Jerusalem Rabbinate Kashrus Division reports Moshiko Shwarma on Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall and in Ramat Beit HaKerem are now Jerusalem Rabbinate Regular after the mehadrin designation has been removed.

Update on Heimeshe Essen (19 Keren Kayamet L’Yisrael Street, Jerusalem)

22 Tammuz 5772 July 12, 2012 JKN recently published that the restaurant take home food store lost its hashgacha from the Jerusalem Rabbinate non-mehadrin. It also lost its hechsher from Badatz Agudas Yisrael. A bit earlier today I spoke with Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger, the rav/posek of the Jerusalem Rabbinate and Rabbi Yaakov Ruchamkin, who heads read more »