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Rav Moshe Zt’l’s Heter of Cholov Stam Revisited

By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer RC-Dairy (Permission granted to JKN by the OU – Published originally in the OU Daf Hakasrus) The article was written in the beginning of 2009. Halacha states that milk which is produced without hashgacha (r’iyah of a Yisroel) is non-kosher; such milk is termed “cholov akum”. This rule is a gezeirah, read more »

Cholov Yisrael– Kosher Kuestions

By Rabbi Peretz Moncharsh Question: Can you explain the concept of cholov yisrael (Jewish milk) regarding milk and cheese products today, including butter. I am also interested in understanding if cholov yisrael is necessary today – in light of the decision released many years ago by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, who I understand was a leading read more »

“Kosher?” Or “Kosher!” – Part 3

Part 3 in the series prepared for JKN by Rabbi Tzvi Liker III – “Kosher?” Or “Kosher!” In our first columns we raised the question of establishing a kashrus system for those who interest in kashrus is minimal at best.  This week I would like to deal with that topic more in depth. (Note:  The read more »

Kosher Kuestions – Terumos and Ma’aseros

QUESTION: For those of us who are privileged to live in Israel, especially the new immigrants, we immediately learn about the obligation to take tithes, trumot and ma’asrot on fruits and vegetables. I understand that the laws today are only of a Rabbinical nature, yet the demand for adherence by kashrut agencies leads me to read more »

Kashrus for the Masses – Part 2

Part 2 in the series prepared for JKN by Rabbi Tzvi Liker II – Kashrus Laws Last time, we began to discuss the kashrus laws in Israel.  What we will try to do over the next few weeks is to continue explaining the laws, and then get into specifics. The second law we mentioned permits read more »

Kashrus For The Masses – Part 1

Following is part one of a series of articles prepared for JKN by Rabbi Tzvi Liker It is a relatively straightforward process to design kashrus guidelines for those who care about the kashrus of their food.  For example, a rosh yeshiva tells his bochurim, “We use hechsher “X”, but not hechsher “Y”.   The talmidim, will read more »

Kosher Kuestion (Pas Yisrael – Jewish Bread) 005

QUESTION: I understand there is a halacha of pas yisrael (Jewish bread). Is it true that all bread in Israel is indeed pas yisrael? Is bread from non-Jews permitted if there is a hechsher? Is the issue of pas yisrael only relevant in Elul or between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?  I believe I heard read more »

Kashrus Kuestions – Eating Out (004)

Question: I am going to a restaurant. How can I know if I may eat there? (004) First find out which hecsher it has. If you recognize it as a reliable hechsher (i.e. you’ve been told in the recent past by your Rav or halachic advisor that this hechsher is reliable) then you may eat read more »

Kashrus Kuestions – Bug Infestation (003)

QUESTION: I am wondering why today the issue of bug/insect infestation has become so prominent. Our parents and grandparents were observant and this did not seem to be an issue. Is this a stringency or is this actual halacha. I understood that an insect that is not visible to the eye is not a problem read more »

Kashrus Kuestions – Raisins (002)

What is the truth about raisins here and imported? Last year there was a whole to do about the KAJ OU and CRC releasing various statements that all raisins are infested etc. Can we eat USA and or Israeli raisins? Do they have to be checked? If yes how? If there are raisins in cereal read more »