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Shiur Of Dough From Which To Take Challah

19 Shevat 5771 January 24, 2011 By Rabbi Tsvi Rogin  As Rabbi Kaganoff correctly pointed out, the minimum dough from which there is an obligation to separate challah is one made from a quantity of flour of 43.2 eggs in volume. This is a shiur of volume, and not a shiur of weight. Many authorities read more »

This is the Way We Bake Our Bread!

18 Shevat 5771 January 23, 2011 Some Practical Questions about Hilchos Challah By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Shaylah #1: Mrs. Ginsburg calls me with the following question: “I like to separate challah with a bracha, but I do not have a bowl big enough to hold the minimum amount of dough necessary. Instead, I have been read more »

Could the Fruit on my Tree be Arlah?

14 Shevat 5771 January 19, 2011 By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Question: Recently, our school had several fruit trees planted for decorative and educational purposes. Someone told us that we must carefully collect the fallen fruits and bury them to make sure that no one eats them. Is there really an arlah prohibition in chutz la’aretz, read more »

Flavor and Fragrance – The Bracha on Fragrant Fruits

7 Shevat 5771 January 12, 2011 By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff In honor of the month of Shvat, and a bit before Tu Beshvat, I decided to send an article that explains the halachos of the bracha Hanosein rei’ach tov ba’peiros “He who bestows pleasant fragrances in fruits.” Many authorities prefer the version Asher nasan rei’ach read more »

Kashering New Pots?!

5 Shevat 5771 January 10, 2011 This past week, an ad appeared in many newspapers here in Eretz Yisrael, stating that the Badat”z Eida Chareidis has halted its supervision on Sultam brand pots. Therefore, the Eida announced that those purchasing the pots should be aware that hagala and tveila are required. This left many puzzled, read more »

Can the Hechsher HACK it?

10 Kislev 5771 November 17, 2010 Can the Hechsher HACK it? – What is behind the kosher symbol? By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Question #1: “My rav discreetly told me to avoid using a particular hechsher which I see is very popular. I am curious why this should be so. I know that there are negligent read more »

Chodosh in Chul

 24 Cheshvan 1 November 2010 By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Question #1: “When I was young, I do not think I ever heard about a prohibition called chodosh, or that something was yoshon. Now I am constantly hearing these terms. Do we now have a new mitzvah?” Question #2: “We have decided to stay permanently in read more »

The Lox and Cream Cheese Dilemma

10 Cheshvan 5771 October 18, 2010 By Rabbi Yehuda Spitz The next time you are at a bris, as you are about to smear a nice dollop of cream cheese on your bagel and add the lox (obviously not at the fleishig brissos that are ubiquitous here in Eretz Yisrael, and rightly so (1)), look read more »

Ins and Outs of Shnei Keilim

11 Tevet 5770 December 28, 2009   (By Rabbi Yehuda Spitz) I hope everyone had a meaningful and enjoyable Chanukah. Here is an Halachic post dealing with the topic of “Shnei Keilim” – two pots that touched while cooking. As you may recall, I previously posted a mini-book I authored on the issue. This is read more »

Candy is Dandy

18 Cheshvan 5770 November 5, 2009 I continue to receive a fair share of email in response to a number of recent articles drawing attention to Morano Nuts, the store that sells nuts, seeds, dried fruit and loose sweets by the kilogram. Many JKN readers were somewhat surprised to learn of the complex process required read more »