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Rain or Shine Shuk Walking Tour

20 Shevat 5771 January 25, 2011 Well, we are off again for another shuk tour, which will take place with G-d’s help on this coming Monday, 26 Shevat (31 January) at 10:30am. We continue praying for rain and if our prayers are answered, the event will continue. We will just spend more time in the read more »

Winter Virtual Shuk Tour

20 Tevet 5771 December 27, 2010 As we continue davening for badly-needed rainfall, planning shuk walking tours is not a simple matter. In an effort to accommodate the many visitors from abroad who will be in Jerusalem in January to recharge their spiritual batteries during winter break, Jerusalem Kosher News is offering a virtual shul read more »

Shuk Tour Next Week

2 Rosh Chodesh Kislev 1 Kislev 5771 November 8, 2010 Once again, we are off to another walking tour of shuk Machane Yehuda. The event will take place on Monday, 8 Kislev (15 November) at 16:00. It depends on the participants, but the event usually lasts about 90 minutes. If you are interested in reserving read more »

Another Shuk Tour Completed

12 Cheshvan 5771 October 20, 2010 I guess by now, it is not really big news but another Machane Yehuda shuk tour was successfully completed on Wednesday evening. The group was small; appearing even smaller since some participants were late for the photo and one participant preferred to remain anonymous. In any event, I feel read more »

Shuk Tour – Wednesday, 12 Cheshvan

4 Cheshvan 5771 October 12, 2010 Winter is upon us, and on Thursday night, we begin reciting the insertion for ‘tal u’matar’ in Eretz Yisrael. In the shadow of optimism that Hashem will literally shower us with an abundance of rain for good, I am organizing another Machane Yehuda Shuk Tour before we get deep read more »

Nisan’s Café – Jerusalem

2 Cheshvan 5771 October 10, 2010 Finally, the bogus document that mislead many people into believing this store is under the supervision of the Badatz Eida Chareidit has been removed. The store is located on Jaffe Street at the shuk, Machane Yehuda. (For those who you who joined me on shuk tours, this is the read more »

Yasher Koach to Badatz Beit Yosef

13 Tishrei 5771 September 21, 2010 Yes, it dragged out for too long and in my opinion, the store owner of Phyllis Bakery on Eitz Chaim Street in Machane Yehuda was given way too much leeway, but the point, the Badatz agency finally gave him an ultimatum. The owner had to decide to forfeit his read more »

Yasher Koach to the Eida Chareidit

6 Tishrei 5771 September 14, 2010 During this morning’s Shuk Tour of Machane Yehuda, I was met with a most pleasant surprise. The “Eida Chareidi” signs on the two Halva Kingdom branches located on Eitz Chaim Street in the shuk were gone.

First Shuk Tour of 5771

6 Tishrei 5771 September 14, 2010 The first shuk tour of Machane Yehuda in 5771 took place this morning with a smaller than usual group, but as in the past, resulting in a good use of time. Participants seemed to benefit from the explanations offered, and I for one was particularly pleased by some of read more »

1st Shuk Tour of 5771

4 Tishrei 5771 September 12, 2010 The first shuk tour of the year is set for this Tuesday, 6 Tishrei (14 September) at 11:00am. Slots remain available at this time. The cost is NIS 30 a person. (This is the last shuk tour at this cost. The price in the future will be NIS 45 read more »