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Basher Cheese Store & Bistro

12 Shevat 5774 January 13, 2014 Kashrus police accompanied by Israel Police conducted a raid in the Basher cheese store in Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem and the Basher Bistro on nearby Aggripas Street. They were armed with a search warrant. In the shuk store they found dozens of illegal teudot hechsher from various products read more »

Pineapple Alert

6 Shevat 5774 January 7, 2014   Pineapple from various countries has been found to contain insects. The three areas of concern are the leaves, the outside of the peel and in the blossom cups. See the following alert for the detailed information and photos.  

Treif Meat Apprehended at the Hizme Checkpoint

27 Teves 5774 December 30, 2013 Meat smuggling has become an industry in the PA (Palestinian Authority) and for the kosher consumer; this is all the more reason one needs to be especially careful where one purchases one’s meat. The smugglers have become increasingly clever and creative as they seek to bypass inspection points. This read more »

Infestation in Fresh Garlic

7 Teves 5774 December 10, 2013 According to Rabbi Moshe Vaye, insect infestation has been detected in heads of fresh garlic. As such, one should separate the pieces and wash well before using and one should refrain from cooking an entire head of garlic without separating it. See the rabbi’s letter.    שום – DEC read more »

Kashrus Revoked from Argaman Hall in Givat Shaul

1 Teves 5774 December 4, 2013 The Argaman Hall located at 22 Beit HaDfus Street in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem has lost its kashrus certification. It was certified by the Jerusalem Rabbinate and Badatz Bnei Tzion, Rabbi Bentzion Mutzafi. Meat lacking kosher identification was found on the premises. An effort was made by read more »

Insect Alert Regarding Pomegranates

15 Kislev 5774 November 18, 2013 The Badatz Eida Chareidit released the following kashrus alert on 14 Kislev; As a result of high insect infestation in pomegranates this season, one should inspect the seeds prior to consumption to make certain there is no infestation. Stores selling pomegranate juice have been instructed to strain the juice read more »

A Note to Buyers Seeking Insect Free Products

14 Cheshvan 5774 October 28, 2013 Permit me to begin by stating when I use the term “gush katif”, I am not referring to the former Jewish community nor am I referring to any specific brand name but to the many brands of vegetables grown in a controlled rabbinically supervised environment to provide us with read more »

Rice & Legumes Infestation Alert

9 Cheshvan 5773 October 13, 2013 The following alert pertaining to bug/insect infestation in rice and legumes was released by Badatz Eida Chareidit, Jerusalem today. During this season in which insect infestation is on the rise, one must be particularly careful regarding legumes, rice, seeds & nuts (pitzuchim), spices and the like. In inspections conducted read more »

Kedem-Geula Wine & Grape Juice

20 Tishrei 5774 September 24, 2013 The Badatz Eida Chareidis has published an alert to attest to the integrity to Kedem-Geula wines and grape juice under its supervision. The Eida Chareidis states that wall postings appearing in various areas place a doubt on the kashrus integrity of the product. These notices are published as if read more »

BenHaim Winery is Under Badatz Beit Yosef

12 Tishrei 5774 September 16, 2013 I have written to the folks at Badatz Beit Yosef but based on the hashgacha’s website database search, BenHaim Winery is under its supervision. The website states the winery is under its supervision and enjoys a mehadrin level of supervision. This was confirmed in the form of an email read more »