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Information regarding eating in the Jerusalem Central Bus station restaurants

Chezkat Chalavi

2 Cheshvan 5770 20 October 20, 2009 As I continue to probe, seeking to learn and pass information to readers, I am increasingly pleased with the progress, but admittedly somewhat frustrated at the seemingly endless issues that must be presented to you, the subscribers, seeking to reach a true understanding of the ins and outs read more »

In and Around Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station [Mehadrin]

1 Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5770 Motzei Shabbos, October 17, 2009 The following is an updated report on the status of eateries in and around Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. I did not have time to speak with mashgichim, so I decided to at least provide readers with an updated list of eateries with a legitimate mehadrin read more »

Eating Out in the Bus Station – Jerusalem

All information accurate on the morning of February, 24, 2008. Yes, it appears there are a number of “part 1″ reports, but that should provide some encouragement – leading you to believe there is more to follow. With G-d’s help I will find time and energy to follow- up, which is my actual intention here. read more »