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Chief Rabbinate Alert Regarding “Taam V’Teva” Catering in Beit Lechem HaGlilit

Inspectors in the Chief Rabbinate’s northern district found that the Taam Teva catering company owned by Mr. Guy Keshet had treif meats in his refrigerators. The company’s hashgacha was suspended pending a hearing and an investigation. Correction: In a recent posting pertaining to infestation in peppers,  from Rabbi Moshe Vaye, I erroneously wrote one must read more »

The Eida Chareidis and Identifying Jelly Donuts

Back in the day, Chanukah in Israel was synonymous with jelly donuts, which were parve. As the years passed, the jelly donut market expanded to a lucrative filled donut marketplace, including items ranging in price from a shekel or two to NIS 15 for donuts with icing, decorations, and fillings one would find in exclusive read more »

Chief Rabbinate Alert: Store in Machane Yehuda Advertises as Kosher But Isn’t

Special update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel National Kashrus Division: A food stand operating in Machane Yehuda by Mr. Yehuda Ochayon welling meat, schnitzel, filled items (cigars) and other items used the symbol of Badatz Yoreh Deah (Rabbi Shlomo Machpud). In fact, the store does not have hashgacha from Rabbi Machpud or any agency. read more »

Alert Regarding Olive Oils Ahead of Chanukah

19 Kislev 5777 Following is a list furnished by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel National Kashrut Division exhibiting photos of olive oils that found to present bogus hechsherim or using a legitimate hechsher without authorization. It is pointed out that such products often present many problems including; orla, shmitah produce, unauthorized ingredients, kashrus for Pesach read more »

Update on Zol B’Gadol (Machane Yehuda)

Baruch Hashem there is now a proper teudat hechsher in place for the supermarket’s produce section. We are referring to the new supmarket that opened on Yaffo Street at Machane Yehuda, across the Street from Beit Knesset Zoharei Chama (Sundial Shul). The hashgacha is that of Rabbi Yosef Efrati. Reminder: As is usually the case, read more »

Zol B’Gadol (זול בגדול)

14 Kislev 5777 A new supermarket opened this week on Yaffo Street directly adjacent to Machane Yehuda. It is on the shuk side of the street, opposite Beit Knesset Zoharei Chama (Sun Dial Shul). I did not get a photo of the store sign but here is one of the bag. The point of this read more »

“Yerakot Ali’im” (ירקות עלים)

13 Kislev 5777 December 13, 2016 Badatz Machzikei Hadas (Belz) announces today that ‘gush katif’ “Yerakot Ali’im” (ירקות עלים) under the brand name Yud. Sin. Yerakot Eilim are using the Belz hashgacha without authorization and the badatz does not provide supervision for this product. A The badatz has made numerous attempts but the company has read more »


Notice from KFI

Friday, 2 Tammuz 5775 June 19, 2015     The following notice was released by KFI: Sheyan and Keyara restaurants are currently revising their Kashrus standards. Therefore, temporarily, KFI has stopped its verification of these restaurants. We will notify the public when the situation allows us to restart our verification.


KFI Restaurant Report: Lecham & Basar (Meat and Eat)

20 Sivan 5775 June 7, 2015 The PDF document is a report submitted by KFI (Kosher Food Information for the English-speaking community in Israel) pertaining to the Lechem & Basar Restaurant located in Jerusalem. The meat restaurant is under the supervision of Badatz Yoreh Deah, Rabbi Shlomo Machpud. kfi Report lechem basar  


KFI Report on Keyara Restaurant

15 Shevat 5775 February 4, 2015 Keyara 8 Ramban Street Jerusalem, Israel 02-566-3271 Keyara has raised its Kashrus standards to conform with American standards. Hashgacha is under Agudas Yisroel (they take the responsibility for the Kashrus, not us.) Bishul Yisroel for Ashkenazim: a Shomer Shabbos will light all the fires daily. For Sefardim, all cooking read more »