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Going to a Hotel for Shabbos/Yomtov

The following is a summation of an article published a few weeks ago by Chief Sephardi Rabbi of Tzfat Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita. For those unfamiliar with the rav, in addition to being a Chief Rabbi, he is active in kashrus in Israel and familiar with many aspects of kashrus. He is also a member read more »

Going to a Hotel that is Kashered to Mehadrin Standards

29 Tishrei 5773 October 15, 2012 Anyone following JKN has read a number of articles over the years pointing to vague ads pertaining to hotels specially kashered to meet a mehadrin standard. I cannot urge readers enough to read ads carefully, and to pay close attention for those rarely present yet ever-so-important words “under the read more »

Arcadia Harif Hotel Eilat

Chief Rabbinate Update 22 Following are excerpt was taken from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Division dated 28 Sivan 5772. 29 Sivan 5772 June 19, 2012 The Chief Rabbinate wishes to inform the public that there is no hashgacha from any local rabbinate on this hotel, located on the Almog Beach in the read more »

Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem (King George Street)

23 Adar 5770 March 9, 2010 The “Plaza” as it is still affectionately known in no longer under the hechsher of OU-Israel. This was one of the decisions made by the new management, which assumed control relatively recently.  The hotel still maintains its Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin hechsher and the hotel rabbi and chief mashgiach is read more »

OU-Israel Certified Hotels & Guest-Houses

19 Cheshvan 5770 November 6, 2009 Following is list of OU-Israel supervised restaurants and hotels in Israel, all being in Jerusalem. The list was prepared for JKN on Thursday, November 5, 2009. As always, when you enter a restaurant or make a hotel reservation, double check that the kashrut you are seeking is still applicable.

Final Shuk Tours 5769, Lalush – Whiskey, Liqueurs & More on Hotels

1. Final Shuk Tours of 5769 2. Where Are You? The Response… 3. Whiskey, Liqueurs & More on Hotels 4. Lalush Bakery Jerusalem Goes Mehadrin 1.    Final Shuk Tours of 5769 After assessing the situation, the number of people still interested in the shuk tours dictates that we provide another opportunity. I have determined there read more »

Holiday Hotel Packages – Scholars in Residence

With the New Year rapidly approaching, 5770, we are entering holiday hotel season, with many of us opting to ‘celebrate’ Sukkot in a hotel. Actually, there are already ads for Pessach resorts, and this too is fine. We seem to plan ahead and doing so can result in significant savings. I feel compelled however to read more »

Restaurant Update – Jeruasalem, Tiveria, Tzfat

The first order of business is the Machane Yehuda Shuk walking kashrut tours. All the dates are booked solid, wait-listed, with the exception of Tuesday, August 8th at 9:30am. A number of slots remain. Please do not request a slot on the others since there is no room. I continue to receive many many requests read more »

Jerusalem Plaza Hotel, Mehadrin Jerusalem Rabbinate, Rabbinate Meat & More.

JKN Website The “Kashrut Agencies in Israel” page on the website has finally been activated, now displaying numbers of agencies. It is far from comprehensive, but may prove helpful if you are trying to reach a kashrut agency. 

Crowne Plaza Jerusalem

  The rabbi’s chassidic look and pronounced beard and side locks are perhaps compelled to take a back seat to his marvelous personality and genuine willingness to pass his wealth of knowledge along to others. He is quite the upbeat fellow, and I for one was impressed, grateful as well, regarding his willingness to give read more »