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Stores Selling Esrogim Under the Badatz Eida Chareidi

7 Tishrei 5774 September 11, 2013 The Jerusalem-based Badatz Eida Chareidit advertises the following stores are under its supervision regarding the sale of esrogim for Sukkos. 1. Esrog Chanut Hapardes – 51 Meah Shearim Street 2. HaMerkaz L’Esrogim – 33 Meah Shearim Street 3. Gross Esrogim – 50 Meah Shearim Street 4. Gross Esrogim – read more »

Avoiding Insect Infestation in Sukka Scach

6 Tishrei 5774 September 10, 2013 The following is a translation of the information sheet released by Rabbi Moshe Vaie Shlita on 4 Tishrei. Click the hyperlink to view the original  Hebrew document. Sukka scach (thatch?) is often infected with insects that may fall into food below. The Aruch Lanner (תוספת ביכורים סימן תרנ”ז) already read more »

Insect Issues and Sukka Scach

6 Tishrei 5774 September 10, 2013 Following is a link to a Word document prepared by Rabbi Moshe Vaie Shlita addressing the issue of insect insects in one’s Sukka scach. G-d willing, if time permits I will post an English translation but for now, here is the original Hebrew text for those capable of navigating read more »

Badatz Mehadrin (Rav Rubin) Updated List

5 Tishrei 5774 – September 9, 2013 Following is an updated list provided by Badatz Mehadrin (Rabbi Avraham Rubin) of all restaurants and caterers nationwide under its supervision. Click on the hyperlink to access the PDF document.   Rav Rubin updated – Sept 9, 2013

Checking the Rosh Hashanah Simanim

27 Elul 5773 September 2, 2013 If you are still among the many who have not checked the Rosh Hashanah simanim, Kosharot has made a video slide show to assist. I strongly recommend this for people who really have never learned how to check these items in a vegetable checking course. It takes a few read more »

Notice from Badatz R’ Efrati Ahead of Rosh Hashanah 5774

26 Elul 5773 September 1, 2013 In upcoming year, 5774, we set aside Ma’aser Ani (tithe for the poor). Therefore, the produce harvested beginning on 4 Tishrei 5773 fall under this category. Therefore, if one is sure an item is tevel (no doubt that the produce is untithed) one must take ma’aser ani and give read more »

Report a Mashgiach Hotline

The non religious faction in Bayit Yehudi known as בית משותף (Bayit Meshutaf) has decided to begin addressing the many complaints against mashgichim who simply are no-shows or absent themselves from restaurants for long periods of time. These individuals have decided to establish a hotline number to permit consumers to report mashgichim who they feel read more »

New Jerusalem Rabbinate Teudat Kashrut

14 Elul 5773 August 20, 2013 The Jerusalem Rabbinate has released a new teudat kashrus called “mehuderet”. Below is a photo of the certificate from a meat restaurant. To the best of my understanding this new teudat kashrut level is an intermediary level, rating a restaurant between regular and mehadrin. It details some of the read more »

Rosh Hashanah Simanim: Rabbi Moshe Vaie

Monday, 13 Elul 5773 August 19, 2013 The following guide for inspecting the Rosh Hashanah Simanim was released by Rabbi Moshe Vaie on 12 Elul 5773. The following information is based on the rabbi’s three volume series “Bedikat Mazon K’Halacha” in Hebrew and “Bedikas Hamazon” in English. Dried Date (Tamar): One cuts the date lengthwise read more »

Insect Free Corn on the Cob

Friday, 10 Elul 5773 August 16, 2013 After quite a few years of ongoing efforts to grow corn on the cob that meets kashrus standards, free of insect infestation, it appears famers have prevailed with Hashem’s assistance. The corn on the cob in the photo below, from the Glatt Eilim Company, is indeed grown under read more »