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Eida Chareidis Warning/Clarification

9 Nissan 5774 April 9, 2014 The following information appears on page 60 of the Badatz Eida Chareidis 5774 Guide. JKN ADDS: Based on the volume of calls and emails I receive annually, I strongly urge readers to read this carefully and understand the words. It is quite clear and leaves no room for ambiguity. read more »

Croutons, Soup, Salad and Shabbos

9 Nissan 5774 April 9, 2014 The information below is taken from the Badatz Eida Chareidis 5774 Guide. Opinions expressed in the article are those of the badatz unless stated otherwise. In Israel there are different kinds of croutons sold commercially, croutons for soup and croutons for salad. Other than taste preference and price, what read more »

Saccharin and Shabbos

9 Nissan 5774 April 9, 2014 According to the Badatz Eida Chareidis, which gives a hashgacha on the artificial sweetener saccharin, not all of the ingredients in the sweetener are cooked. Therefore the badatz instructs us to only use saccharin tablets, powder and liquid on Shabbos via a ‘klei shlishi’. There is a limited run read more »

A Note About Glass Bottles from the Eida Chareidis

9 Nissim 5774 April 9, 2014 There is only one company which manufactures glass bottles in Israel, and unfortunately, it is not shomer Shabbos and to date it has refused all efforts to persuade closing on Shabbos. The badatz therefore does its utmost to have the companies that it certifies not to use these bottles, read more »

A Note Regarding Soltam Pots, Hagalah & More

9 Nissim 5774 April 9, 2014 The following information is taken from the Badatz Eida Chareidis 5774 Guide and the opinion expressed is that of the hashgacha. The Eida Chareidis is of the opinion that new pots require ‘hagalah’ before use with the exception of pots that say they were kashered by the hashgacha. The read more »

Special Shabbos Hagadol Halachos of Pesach Q&A Session

8 Nissan 5774 April 8, 2014 Yeshivas Netzach Yisroel & OU Kosher invite the community to a special Question/Answer session with Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski, Rav Hamachshir OU Kosher in Israel. All you wanted to ask and know about Pesach Kashrut At Yeshivas Netzach Yisroel Ramban St corner of Ibn Ezra Rechavia 4:00 pm Shabbos read more »

When You Store a Product from Last Pesach

8 Nissan 5774 April 8, 2014 I know that at a number of shiurim I attended from Rabbi Moshe Vaye Shlita, he warns of infestation when one wishes to store kosher for Pesach spices from one year to the next. Some people are not concerned, but the rabbinical experts say they should be. Well here read more »

Some More Eida Chareidis Tidbits for Year Round

8 Nissan 5774 April 8, 2014 I bring you additional information taken from the Eida Chareidis 5774 Guide, information that will be an eye-opener for some. It is my hope that the information will serve as a guide for you regarding this and other hashgachos one relies upon. I am bringing the information in the read more »

What Does the J. Rabbinate Teudah Represent

8 Nissan 5774 April 8, 2014 According to the Jerusalem Rabbinate, following is an explanation regarding the different levels of restaurant teudot kashrut. Teudat Kashrut Mehadrin: (the certificate is tan) The ingredients used in these stores are high-level kosher from the well-known badatz hashgachos. The meat and poultry are from shechitas Jerusalem Mehadrin, Badatz Sheiris read more »

General Kashrus/Shabbos Data from Badatz Eida Chareidis

6 Nissan 5774 April 6, 2014 The following information is a translation of information appearing in the Badatz Eida Chareidis 5774 Kashrus Guide (Kashrus Guide Volume 64) pertaining to an array of issues including kashrus, Shabbos, and other matters. Once again, I am simply translating the badatz’s position and in case of question, a competent read more »