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Chodosh Guide

4 Tishrei 5774 September 8, 2013 The first edition of this year’s chodosh guide produce by Rabbi Yoseph Herman is available in PDF format by clicking on the hyperlink below. Prelim Chodosh 5774 Information pertaining to Israel begins on page 39.

Chodosh Bulletin- 13 Aug 13

8 Elul 5773 August 14, 2013 START OF THE CHODOSH SEASON According to this week’s report from the US Department of Agriculture, the delayed start of the harvest of the Chodosh crops is finally in full swing. Based on these reports, I will recommend the following cutoffs for the forthcoming Chodosh season: Freshly baked items read more »

Chodosh Update from Rabbi Yoseph Herman

25 Menachem Av 5773 August 1, 2013 As of 31 Jul 13 The tentative Chodosh starting dates are Aug 2 for oats and Aug 16 for spring wheat and barley. These are PACKING dates, items packed on or after this date may be Chodosh. These dates are about 1 week later than usual, reflecting the read more »

Chodosh Update from Rabbi Yoseph Herman

The first traces of the start of the  Chodosh oats harvest have been issued by the US Dep’t of Agriculture. My early estimate is that the oats could be a problem of Chodosh as early as the packing date of Jul 26, wheat as early as Aug 9 (these were the dates last year). When read more »

Chodosh Update from R’ Herman

The following Chodosh update was published by Rabbi Yoseph Herman, dated February 1, 2013. The continuing guidelines on purchase of Cheerios in Israel, as well as elsewhere, is the same as was formulated by the O-U and was printed in the Guide. Namely, wheat and wheat starch listed in the ingredients are Yoshon. If WHEAT read more »

General Mills Yoshon Clarification from OU Office, Israel

General Mills in Israel Yoshon clarification: All General Mills products imported to Eretz Yisroel either through Nestle or through General Mills Israel are Yoshon regardless of the production dates. The OU does not take responsibility for products imported through private importers. By “private importers”, the OU means the following: It was explained to me that for as read more »

New Chodosh Guide from Rabbi Herman

22 Kislev 5773 December 6, 2012 If you click on the link below you will be able to access the PDF document, the Kislev 5773 Chodosh Guide from Rabbi Yoseph Herman.  ”Note: This information was not posted at the request of Guide to Chodosh which has maintained the policy of not using the internet to read more »

Chodosh Update Dated 8 Tishrei 5773 – Rabbi Yoseph Herman

11 Tishrei 5773 September 27, 2012 TENTATIVE REVISED CEREAL CHODOSH GUIDELINES 1) OATS: Until now, the Guide recommended the default cutoff packing dates for items containing oats, of Jul 26. This was a chumra based on the fear that the new Chodosh oats may be packed very shortly after the harvest of the new crop read more »

Chodosh Update

15 Menachem Av 5772 I issued an urgent bulletin earlier this week, when the O-U informed me that the General Mills flour mill received the first shipment of Chodosh spring wheat on Jul25. This was much earlier than I expected. It turns out that this shipment was an anomaly. Indeed by Jul 31 only about read more »

Urgent Bulletin from the Guide to Chodosh

13 Menachem Av 5772 From Rabbi Yoseph Herman… The O-U informed us that the General Mills flour mill in Buffalo NY has already received its first shipment of Chodosh wheat for bakery flour on Jul 25. This date is the earliest we recall seeing Chodosh on the East Coast in the 40 years of the read more »