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Chief Rabbinate Alert – 022/2011

7 Av 5771 August 7, 2011 The following kashrut alerts were released by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Unit, bulletin number 022, dated today. Meat Alert Meats and poultry processed under the Ohf Ohr label are advertised as being under the hashgacha of the Ohr Yehuda Rabbinate. This is not the case. Legal read more »

Latest Chief Rabbinate Update on of Insect-Free Greens

2 Nissan 5771 April 6, 2011 Following is a translation of the latest update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel pertaining to the various companies selling insect-free leafy greens. The results pertain to the level of insect infestation and the level of pesticides found on products. The inspection covers over 25 different companies selling insect-free read more »

Update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

19 Tevet 5771 December 26, 2010 The following kashrus alerts appeared in update number 008, released by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrus Enforcement Division on 16 Tevet 5771 (23 December 2010). 1. Oil sold under the label “Nur” claims to be under the supervision of Badatz Eida Chareidit. In actuality, the oil does not have read more »