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Letter from Rabbonim Regarding Catered Events

29 Tammuz 5772 July 19, 2012 Regular followers of JKN are aware that on a number of occasions I have addressed the issues that may arise regarding catered affairs. All too often we make the incorrect assumption that an event is “badatz” when in actuality this is not so. In actuality, many affairs lack any read more »

What are Some of the Concerns When Attending a Simchah (Hebrew Version)

This document was prepared by Kosharot and it provides an in-depth look of many of the issues you should be addressing prior to being seated and eating at a catered affair. Ideally, a catered affair should display a valid teudat kashrut for the event you are attending and this would be evident by the teuda read more »

How Kosher is Your Simchah?

Read this fabulous comprehensive article which recently appeared in the English Mishpacha Magazine explaining what you need to be concerned with when making or attending a simchah. The article appears on the COR website. Click here to view the article.  

Peninat Ha’ir – Another Jerusalem Catering Horror Tale

25 Tammuz 5770 July 7, 2010 For those of you who have heard me speak of late, you are aware that I am now focusing on the caterers, an industry that seems to be operating with impunity regarding kashrut, simply hosting affairs in the religious community that lack a hechsher. Below is another story, with read more »

Argamon Catering Hall UPDATE

16 Tammuz 5770 June 28, 2010 UPDATE regarding Argamon Hall- Rabbi Rafi Yochai of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Division informed me a short time ago that the “technical issues” have been resolved and the Argamon Hall has a regular non-mehadrin Jerusalem Rabbinate hechsher once again. Regarding the mehadrin, it is an illegal read more »

Argamon Hall – Jerusalem

16 Tammuz 5770 June 28, 2010 The Argamon simcha hall (22 Dfus Street in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem) has an outdated Jerusalem Rabbinate (regular) certificate. I checked with the Jerusalem Rabbinate yesterday, and the hall no longer has the Rabbinate supervision. It is not just a matter of it being out of date! It does however read more »

A New Trend; Jerusalem Weddings Without Hechsherim

8 Tammuz 5770 June 20, 2010 This is perhaps a preamble to what may become my next obsession, but since I am not certain how things will develop, and if time will permit me to probe this in depth as quickly as I would like, or more correctly, as the situation demands, I feel a read more »

Catering Hall Pitfalls

My wife and I recently made a wedding and due to our oversight, fell victim to a pitfall. Our son was married in a hall where a daughter was married in 2005, in Jerusalem. Due to numerous circumstances, a series of oversights perhaps, no one actually inquired as to the hechsher until two weeks before read more »