Alert Regarding Olive Oils Ahead of Chanukah

19 Kislev 5777

Following is a list furnished by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel National Kashrut Division exhibiting photos of olive oils that found to present bogus hechsherim or using a legitimate hechsher without authorization. It is pointed out that such products often present many problems including; orla, shmitah produce, unauthorized ingredients, kashrus for Pesach and contain non-kosher ingredients (additives used in addition to the oils, which are often not olive exclusively).

These bogus olive oils are often detected by their price, selling for NIS 10- NIS 20 a liter, way too inexpensive.

In line with the Israeli standard, anything labeled “olive oil” may not contain any other oil. Adding to all of the kashrus and halachic issues, one should be aware of the threat such oils pose to persons with allergies to soy oil and other ingredients, which are not listed on bogus oils.

The following link will take you to a Israel Ministry of Health page, showing oils labeled “olive oil” that are not pure olive oil.

In the case of the above oils, the hechsher is usually not legitimate either since a mashgiach watching a run will make sure of the ingredients entering the bottles, which in this case is something other than indicated on the label.

Rabbonim who advise me explain if one can, best to buy from large stores like supermarkets, as they usually make purchases through authorized buyers and it is considerably more difficult to get these prohibited oils into such stores as opposed to small grocery stores and vendors at the shuk.

Below is the hyperlink to open the document from the Chief Rabbinate, which differs from the Health Ministry link

שמני זית מזוייפים חנוכה תשע-ז


20 Kislev 5777

 The link contained in yesterday’s email was old, albeit the one provided. A reader found an updated Health Ministry link pertaining to olive oil, from 2016, and in English.

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