Alert Pertaining to Peppers from Rabbi Moshe Vaye

In a kashrus alert pertaining to peppers dated Kislev 5777, Rabbi Moshe Vaye reports that all bell peppers of all colors must be inspected for thrips.

Rabbi Vaye explains it is difficult to distinguish them because of the build of a pepper, hence he recommends removing the stem with the top of the pepper and then to cut lengthwise or widthwise, soak in water with a little detergent for about two minutes and rinse inside and out.

This phenomenon is not dependent on any specific season of the year.

Additional information with accompanying photos may be found in his book, Bedikas Mazon K’Halacha.

Click on the hyperlink to the side to read Rabbi Vaye’s alert in the original Hebrew. נגיעות בפלפלים לעיתון


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  • IsraelReader
    December 25, 2016 - 16:58 | Permalink

    “and then to cut lengthwise and widthwise”

    As per the Hebrew original: לאורכו או לרוחבו

    Should read: “and then to cut lengthwise OR widthwise”

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