Meet “The Shmitah App”

25 Tishrei 5775
October 19, 2014

B”H, once again Am Yisrael is privileged to observe the mitzvah of shemittah. Today modern day lifestyle which includes travel and importing and exporting of foods around the world compel all kosher consumers to familiarize themselves with the minimum halachos to be certain what to look out for. This includes Jews living abroad who visit Erez Yisrael for they must be aware of the limitations of taking kedushas shvi’is produce abroad. This will be more applicable later in the year and the years following shemittah but there are applications already today and visitors must become familiar with basic halachos.

In addition, one must decide prior to visiting which of the options one will select: (1) heter mechira (2) otzar beis din and (3) shmitah l’chumra. This demands a basic understanding of the laws.

Towards achieving this end, a simple and easy to navigate shmitah app has been developed and it is free of charge to the tzibur. The halachic contend is from The Pocket Halacha Serious – “Shmitah in the Kitchen”, written by Rabbi Avraham Wiesenfeld, Rosh Kollel of a halacha kollel in Romeima and a maggid shiur in various yeshivos in Yerushalayim.

Click here to access the developer’s homepage.

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