Treif Meat: Forged Sticker Labels on Lamb Ribs (Chops)

1 Nissan 5774
April 1, 2014

The following information is translated from Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrus alert 014/5774 dated 29 Adar II 5774.

Treif meat that was intended for Arab communities was apprehended after an alert mashgiach noticed something awkward on the carton. The mashgiach contacted the mashgiach of the Biladi Company in the Jezreel Valley and the information shared with one another led to their discovery that the meat in question was treif, packaged similar to the genuine kosher product.

Agents of the Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Enforcement Unit became involved and working with management from the Biladi Company they determined the source of the treif meats as the PA (Palestinian Authority).

A butcher shop selling the product told inspectors he bought it from an agent named “Avi”. The latter did not furnish him with a receipt or contact information.

This latest case once again highlights the need for a paper trail, which includes a bill of lading, which was absent in this case.

In the accompanying photos, the one to the right is genuine while the one to the left, with the black arrows, were on the treif meat.

One may view the original Hebrew document on Google Drive at the following link.



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