Special Shabbos Hagadol Halachos of Pesach Q&A Session

8 Nissan 5774
April 8, 2014

Yeshivas Netzach Yisroel & OU Kosher invite the community to a special Question/Answer session with Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski, Rav Hamachshir OU Kosher in Israel.

All you wanted to ask and know about Pesach Kashrut
At Yeshivas Netzach Yisroel
Ramban St corner of Ibn Ezra Rechavia
4:00 pm Shabbos 12 Nissan/Apr 12

Rabbi Krakowski will answer questions on:

  • Koshering your home kitchen
  • Pesach Products
  • Pesach medications
  • And much more!


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