Infant Formula & Baby Cereals

6 Nissan 5774
April 6, 2014
The following information is taken from the Badatz Eida Chareidit Pesach 5774 Guide. Information from other hashgachos may vary. In case of a question one should consult with one’s rav/posek.

I include this to broaden the scope of readers who too often question innocently and naively “what can be wrong with …” I posit too often this is simply the result of our failure to comprehend the complexities of today’s food industry compounded by a lack of awareness of how many components the foods we ingest contain. Added to this is a total unawareness of the origin of many of the food ingredients.

As in previous years, the badatz has approved runs of infant formulas, dairy and parve alike. The former are under the supervision of the badatz from the time of milking until the completion of the end product.

One of the challenges of producing the formula is finding suitable vitamin B2 since all the manufacturers that we are aware off produce it from an origin that carries fears of chametz. We finally found a factory to produce it in the Fareast, eliminating the chametz concerns.

In addition, the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamin C, which in the past made the vitamin from a kitnios base has moved to a wheat base which is outright chametz. B”H here too we were successful in finding a solution that eliminated any and all chametz concerns for the badatz’s special Pesach manufacture.

Infant formulas under Badatz Eida Chareidis Hashgacha:
1. Materna mehadrin dairy (different stages)
2. Materna non-dairy parve (different stages)

On the containers of the supervised formula products is written:
“Kitnios – intended for infants that require this special food and which contains kitnios and separate utensils should be used”.

The formulas have been modified to meet the requirement of the badatz in consultation with and approval of medical experts and relevant authorities. All ingredients were supervised and the product was produced to meet the growing demand for mehadrin infant formula for yomtov.

In addition, due to the lack of options pertaining to cereals for infants, special runs of baby food were made including a number of kitnios products, including corn flour and rice. All chametz concerns have been eliminated.

Instant Cereals include:
B & D, Materna and Prinuk

Each package states the product is kitnios, and a special run for Pesach with the badatz logo.

Cereal products that do not contain kitnios have also been approved by the badatz for both children and the elderly. These do not require separate dishes.

To order them one may phone 057-310-1631

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  • Tsvi Rogin
    April 9, 2014 - 07:23 | Permalink

    Check with Freeda in NY. I am fairly certain that none of their vitamins contain wheat. They have two brands now, Freeda and FBN. The FBN may contain soy, but the Freeda label products do not.

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