Hashgacha Revoked After Apprehended Selling Treif

1 Nissan 5774
April 1, 2014

The following information is translated from Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrus alert 014/5774 dated 29 Adar II 5774.

Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Enforcement Unit agents operating with Ministry of Agriculture agents recently raided a meat factory in the Arab municipality of Kfar Kassam, located inside Israel, not the PA (Palestinian Authority).

They learned that some of the merchandise was being marketed under the Atliz-HaKevatzim label (see photo) which operates three locations;
1. 5 Herzl Street, Beit Shemesh (butcher shop)
2. 20 HaRoeh Street, Ramat Gan (butcher shop)
3. The Fundak HaKevatzim Restaurant at 19 Tuval Street in Ramat Gan.

The locations listed above were all supervised by the respective local Rabbinate. As a result of the discovery, the hashgacha was revoked from all three locales.

The managers succeeded in duping mashgichim, with the latter unaware the company was buying and selling treif meats and poultry. The photo below shows the company label for both meat and poultry products.
One may view the original Hebrew document on Google Drive at the following link.



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