Eida Chareidis Warning/Clarification

9 Nissan 5774

April 9, 2014
The following information appears on page 60 of the Badatz Eida Chareidis 5774 Guide.

Based on the volume of calls and emails I receive annually, I strongly urge readers to read this carefully and understand the words. It is quite clear and leaves no room for ambiguity.

This is true regarding restaurants and especially catered events! This is true even in a chareidi neighborhood and even if the person telling you “don’t worry it’s all badatz” appears to be a rabbi. If there is not teudat kashrut from the badatz, then it is not under the supervision. This is true with any and all hashgachos in Israel too by the way.

There are retail stores that to our sorrow advertise as being under our supervision, at times even hanging a sign with our logo. The public must be vigilant and only rely on an authentic valid teudat kashrut. This includes a certificate with a name and address matching the business as well as not being expired.

ANYTHING else is not representative of being under the badatz hashgacha.

The same holds true regarding factories including bakeries, salads, pitzuchim (nuts & seeds) and others.

Hashgacha on fruit & vegetable, fish, pizza and other stores is for the store itself providing a valid teudat kashrut is on display. The badatz assumes no responsibility for any deliveries unless special arrangements have been made with a particular store.

Signed & Sealed:
The badatz logo always appears on a container/package of an item under its supervision and NOT on a sticker that was added. If the badatz logo appears on an added sticker, one should suspect the integrity of the sticker. Please report anything suspicious to the kashrus office.

On rare exceptional occasions, a sticker may have to be printed. If this is the case, the sticker will include the logo as well as the name of the manufacturer and the item being sold.

To our sorrow, many stores selling meats and poultry claim to be under our supervision. Once again, the hashgacha is not responsible for items sold in non-sealed packaged lacking holograms and other required identification.

The badatz only accepts responsibility if there is a mashgiach present or alternatively the items sold are in factory sealed packages displaying the appropriate label, plomba and/or holograms.

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