Treif Meat Apprehended at the Hizme Checkpoint

27 Teves 5774
December 30, 2013
Meat smuggling has become an industry in the PA (Palestinian Authority) and for the kosher consumer; this is all the more reason one needs to be especially careful where one purchases one’s meat.

The smugglers have become increasingly clever and creative as they seek to bypass inspection points. This was the case on Sunday 26 Teves 5774 at the Hizme Checkpoint entrance to Yerushalayim from Shomron. The driver of a Seat (a European car company) was asked to pull over for inspection after he aroused the suspicion of security personnel monitoring the checkpoint. The supervisor of the checkpoint felt the car was too low to the ground and he suspected it was carrying illegal cargo.

After lifting the rear passenger seat they discovered a hidden compartment which contained 200kg (440 lbs) of illegal meat. The driver purchased the meat in a PA areas and he was planning to sell it to stores and restaurants in the capital. Health inspectors were summoned to the scene, the meat was confiscated and it will be destroyed.


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  • Haddasa
    December 31, 2013 - 18:15 | Permalink

    i saw the article in my email from JKN, as well as on Yeshiva World News linking to this page :)

    all i can say is, b”H, for our chayalim at the checkpoints.
    not only are they extremely vigilant for terrorist activity… but, also, for other sorts of shtick crossing their paths. they must have eyes like hawks and a very fine tuned 6th sense. add to that incredible siyata d’shimaya… HKB”H is always watching over us… how much He loves us.

    i know, first hand, that such an IDF assignment is not an easy one to endure… due to the long shift hours and the outdoor climate [winter & summer]. a friend’s son was a chayal @ a checkpoint. the IDF moves them off these assignments after a year or less, due to burnout and other issues.
    we have to “thank them” and HKB”H for watching over us… just imagine how many stories that we do not hear about!
    b”H, this was not an attack, chas v’chalilah, on the chayalim @ the checkpoint… only a swindler who wanted to sell this treif meat to others who wouldn’t think twice about reselling it as KOSHER meat to klal Yisrael!

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