An Early Start on Tu B’Shevat

23 Teves 5774
December 26, 2013

Yes, I am aware that Tu B’Shevat is a few weeks off, but why not get an early start. Perhaps if you are familiar with the inspection process of the items you plan to buy, this knowledge may influence your decision for you may realize some fruits are too difficult to check and you may opt for an alternative.

Following are the instruction sheets for inspecting fresh and dried fruits, provided by Rabbi Moshe Vaye.

Click on the link to the right for the English instruction sheet.    Tu b’shvat bug checking

Click on the link to the right for the Hebrew instruction sheet.  טו בשבט בדיקת תולעים


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  • Cohen
    December 26, 2013 - 14:30 | Permalink

    The english version of the bug checking guide lists the foods as “should be checked” for a miut hamatzui of infestation and “must be checked” for a rov. “should” – gives a connotation that it is only optional, while there is a chiyuv to check, although miderabanan, yet still a chiyuv.

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