Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Update 004/5774

14 Kislev 5774
November 17, 2013
The following link will open the Hebrew PDF document containing the Chief Rabbinate Kashrus Update 004 of this year.

Click the hyperlink to the right: תשעד 004

I will be loading some of the articles translated to English in the coming days blei neder.

Since I address kashrus and not the kashrus legal system, I do not translate articles that report “unauthorized” kashrus agencies unless a probe signaled the agency in question is not actually providing kashrus, as we have learned regarding many hashgachos reported on earlier.

Photos of many unauthorized kashrus agencies appear on the JKN website by clicking this link.

Some of these were okay from a kosher viewpoint while many/most are not, based on what I learned walking around and observing. They are all unauthorized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and therefore illegal in the eyes of the law.

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