Stores Selling Esrogim Under the Badatz Eida Chareidi

7 Tishrei 5774
September 11, 2013
The Jerusalem-based Badatz Eida Chareidit advertises the following stores are under its supervision regarding the sale of esrogim for Sukkos.

1. Esrog Chanut Hapardes – 51 Meah Shearim Street
2. HaMerkaz L’Esrogim – 33 Meah Shearim Street
3. Gross Esrogim – 50 Meah Shearim Street
4. Gross Esrogim – 23 Strauss Street
5. Ludmir Esrogim – 67 Meah Shearim Street
6. Gross Esrogim – 21 Meah Shearim Street
7. Gross Esrogim – 39 Meah Shearim Street
8. Esrogei Kfar Chabad – 57 Meah Shearim Street

The hashgacha on an esrog guarantees consumers that they are no grafted, not orla, and tithes have been taken. The supervision begins in the orchards and continues to these stores. The hashgacha is only valid if a valid original teudat kashrus from the Eida Chareidit is on display. This teudah must contains the name of the store as well as the address.

The hashgacha is not responsible for other venues selling arba minim claiming to be under the supervision of the Eida Chareidit if an original valid teudat kashrus is not on display as described above. The signs and verbal claims made by vendors are meaningless.

Regarding esrogim sold in sealed boxes with the badatz logo, these are under the supervision of the hashgacha for as long as seals are intact.

The seal MUST say kosher for Sukkos 5774.

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