OK Kosher Update on BenHaim Winery

12 Tishrei 5774

September 16, 2013


Earlier today I reported that I was unable to ascertain if BenHaim Winery in Ramat HaSharon has an OK hashgacha or not. A short time ago I received confirmation from OK that the winery is not under its certification and action is being taken to remove the OK Kosher claim from the BenHaim Winery website. Below is the response from the OK

This company isn’t certified by the OK Kosher certification. We are working on it so that the company will remove the OK symbol from their website.”

Hence the Chief Rabbinate has established that it does not have local rabbinate hashgacha and the OK informs us it does not have its certification. Therefore, based on the company’s website claim for kashrus, it has no kashrus certification.

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