Chief Rabbinate Warns of Infestation in Imported Rice

12 Tishrei 5774
September 16, 2013
The spokesman for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel on Sunday, 11 Tishrei 5774 published an alert pertaining to insect infestation in imported rice.

According to the alert, tons of imported rice containing insects has been distributed nationwide and the presence of insects has been confirmed by inspectors in different areas. A preliminary investigation leads the experts to point to improper storage as the cause. The Chief Rabbinate instructs mashgichim nationwide to be increasingly vigilant in rice inspection as a result. If rice is found to be infested after inspection it is not to be used but to be returned to the supplier. This rice in question was sent to restaurants and institutions nationwide.

If the rice was found to be cleaned, it should be rechecked during the cooking process to make absolutely certain that it is clean.

The directive to send back the rice pertains to commercial institutions, which use large quantities. In the private sector one may make do with checking the rice and if it is found to be clean it may be used. A second inspection should be done during the cooking process at home as well.

The Chief Rabbinate praises the mashgichim who discovered the infestation. Rabbi Yaakov Sabag, who is the CEO of the Nationwide Kashrus adds “we received a number of reports simultaneously from a number of locations throughout Israel. From our perspective, this is an illustration that the training works and the alert professional mashgichim are doing their jobs. This testifies to the need of a nationwide kashrus system and it is a real privilege to prevent this stumbling block from the public at large.”

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