Treif Meat Nabbed Before Reaching the Marketplace

Monday, 20 Elul 5773 – August 26, 2013:

Baruch Hashem a delivery of 700 kilograms (1,543 lbs) of treif meat was intercepted by police before it could be absorbed into the Israeli marketplace.

Police, police volunteers and border police in the Modi’in Region on Sunday, 19 Elul 5773 apprehended two suspects that were found to be transporting 700kg of meat in their vehicle. They apprehended the meat on the Jerusalem –Tel Aviv Highway near Modi’in.

Amazingly, the meat had a long journey before being detected. It originated in Brazil and from there it was transported to Jordan where it was packaged. From Jordan the meat was shipped to PA (Palestinian Authority) areas and then across the Green Line into Israel proper. Inspectors believe the meat was making its way to stores in the Tel Aviv area.

The meat was being transported in a minibus marked “El Al” on the outside. Police were suspicious of the vehicle and pulled it over for inspection. They were surprised to find the load of meat in the baggage section. The meat was being transported without any type of refrigeration.

The meat posed a health hazard as well since the smugglers did not take any measures to refrigerate the product. Two residents of the eastern capital, men in their 30s, are in custody.

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