Chodosh Update from Rabbi Yoseph Herman

25 Menachem Av 5773
August 1, 2013

As of 31 Jul 13
The tentative Chodosh starting dates are Aug 2 for oats and Aug 16 for spring wheat and barley. These are PACKING dates, items packed on or after this date may be Chodosh. These dates are about 1 week later than usual, reflecting the delay in harvest this year. We expect to be able to finalize these dates next week.
For oats products, the following information was supplied by the O-U: All oats in cereals made by General Mills, such as Cheerios, are Yoshon up to the packing date of at least Sept 30. Oats in Quaker cereals will be Yoshon at least up to the packing date of Aug 31. This includes Quaker and Mother’s oatmeal and other hot oats cereals from these companies. No further information iis available yet for other products.

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