Badatz Mehadrin Restaurants

25 Tammuz 5773 – July 3, 2013

Following is a list of restaurants in Israel under the supervision of Badatz Mehadrin (Rabbi Avraham Rubin).

I remind readers the list was faxed to me on June 9, 2013. Hence, there may have been changes. You must always verify the supervision of a restaurant when you enter. This may be accomplished by simply checking to see if a valid teudat kashrus from the supervising agency is on display.

Determining if a teudat kashrut is valid includes:
1. The teudat hechsher must be an original document. (No exceptions!)
2. It must be valid, not expired, even by a day
3. The name on the store sign and the name on the certificate must match
4. The address on the certificate and the store’s location must match

Sorry, I do not have time to translate the list of eateries, which appears below in PDF format.

Rubin list – June 9, 2013

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    I opend the page , but the names of the Mehadrin Resaurants did not appear

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