General Mills Yoshon Clarification from OU Office, Israel

General Mills in Israel Yoshon clarification:

All General Mills products imported to Eretz Yisroel either through Nestle or through General Mills Israel are Yoshon regardless of the production dates.

The OU does not take responsibility for products imported through private importers.

By “private importers”, the OU means the following:

It was explained to me that for as long as a box of cereal is marked “Approved by the Chief Rabbinate” ( אישור רבנות ראשית ישראל) then it is official and it is fine. Boxes that are not marked like this, which are often found in small grocery stores in areas around Israel, are not included in this Yoshon alert and may indeed be problematic and one must check Yoshon codes to make a determination. 

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  • Eli Kaufman
    January 16, 2013 - 00:34 | Permalink

    This is not what was written in the Chodosh guide by Rabbi Herman. He said that only The wheat is Yoshon not the oats, meaning MultiGrain Cheerios are still a problem even the Nestle ones. Is he correct or is your info more correct?

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