Checking Rosh Hashanah Simanim for Infestation

24 Elul 5772

The last thing we would want is to use Rosh Hashanah ‘simanim’ that are insect infested. We incorporate the use of pomegranates, dates, black-eyed peas, leeks, fish heads and other food items with the tefilos for a good year.

It is simply not sufficient to buy them and quickly glance at the items to determine if they are insect free and thereby suitable for use, but we must first familiarize ourselves with the process of inspecting and cleaning the different food items.

Following are links to a number of such instructional sheets and presentation.

1. Insects found in the foods used for Rosh Hashanah simanim - חרקים המצויים במינים הנאכלים כסימנים בלילות ראש השנה

2. Kosharot presentation in Hebrew on how to detect and clean - מצגת סימני ראש השנה – כושרות

3. Checking and instruction sheet from Rabbi Moshe Vaya Shlita - סימנא טבא תשעג לחלוקה

4. The Rosh Hashanah simanim as presented by the Machon HaTorah V’Haaretz - סימני ראש השנה מכון התורה והארץ



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    Where can one get the checking instruction sheet for Rabbi Moshe Vaya?

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