Urgent Bulletin from the Guide to Chodosh

13 Menachem Av 5772

From Rabbi Yoseph Herman…

The O-U informed us that the General Mills flour mill in Buffalo NY has already received its first shipment of Chodosh wheat for bakery flour on Jul 25. This date is the earliest we recall seeing Chodosh on the East Coast in the 40 years of the Guide to Chodosh. We expected Chodosh to start early, but not this early.

Please do not contact us for details for a few days until we have had a chance to digest this information and develop revised guidelines. However, the tentative dates are for oats Jul 26, for wheat packaged goods and bakery products Aug 8 in the East and Far West and Jul 30 in the Midwest. For barley probably Aug 15.

We will issue a new bulletin, bli neder, in a few days, as soon as possible. We also plan to send a printed version of the final guide lines to the paid subscribers of the printed version of the Guide. As in the past, there will be no charge for the emailed information.

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