ShuferSal Lettuce Alert

12 Elul 5772

The following is taken from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Update 026/2012.
Some of the supermarket’s branches, including the stores under the ‘Yesh’ name are selling “large round heads of lettuce” (which sounds like iceberg but not sure) grown in large unsupervised areas. They are in bags that state (grown under controlled conditions & inspected) by “Derech Ma’abada” (דרך המעבדה) sold by the Katif LTD Company.

This product is not supervised to ensure it is insect free. It is supervised regarding the use of pesticides and for tithing (trumos and ma’asros) only.

The Rabbinate reminds companies and certifying agencies that such lettuce, grown under non-controlled conditions towards prevent insects, must state clearly on the bag “not inspected for insect infestation”.


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