Marina Galil Mushrooms

9 Elul 5772


The following alert dated 6 Elul 5772 was distributed by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel today pertaining to Marina mushrooms.

Alert pertaining to Marina Galil Mushrooms: Regularly grown thyme and rosemary were in Introduced into the product, albeit in small quantities in packaging marked “mehadrin”, while this is not the case. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the error.

The company apologizes for the error to consumers and anyone with the product may return it. Marina Galil Mushrooms – 04-957-0450

(The concern here surrounds the likelihood of insect infestation in the thyme and rosemary).


Original Hebrew alert from Chief Rabbinate - מרינה פטריות 2012

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  • Chana B
    August 30, 2012 - 06:39 | Permalink


    Does this mean the mushrooms need checking and not just soaking in soapy water and rinsing?

    The pack I bought yesterday has a Rav Efrati and Belz hechsher among others, while an identical packet in the shop had another hechsher and not the above hechsherim. Does the Efrati/Belz hechshered pack need checking too?

    Thank you.

    Chana B

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