Etzel Bini Restaurant (מסעדת אצל בני)

12 Elul 5772

The following is taken from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Update 026/2012.

An inspection of the restaurant located at 23 HaChalutz Street in Haifa revealed they are advertising a “kosher mehadrin” using a certificate from the unauthorized Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak agency.

The restaurant operates on a regular non-mehadrin standard.

What is confusing is the report cites the following:
1. Non hydroponically grown greens used (they use insect infested type greens)
2. Sifting flour is not done in an acceptable fashion (holes in sifter too large)
3. Non mehadrin ingredients are being used
From the above, items 1 and 2, the problem has to do with basic kashrus and not just the claim of a mehadrin status that does not exist.

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