“Badatz Keter Kashrut” is Back!

12 Elul 5772

The following is taken from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Update 026/2012.
It appears that the once rapidly growing unauthorized Badatz Keter Kashrut is back. A number of years ago, it was common to find eateries in downtown Jerusalem and elsewhere with this unauthorized hashgacha. When I say ‘unauthorized’ that means the hashgacha is not legal in the eyes of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Anyway, for a photo of a teuda from this unauthorized badatz, follow the link. http://www.jerusalemkoshernews.com/unrecognized-kashrut-agencies-in-israel/ It is the 7th photo down and clearly marked in English under the photo.

Interestingly, what bothers the Rabbinate here in the alert is the stores have the unauthorized badatz certificate and not a local rabbinate one, hence a violation of the law.

When the unauthorized badatz was popular in Jerusalem, I ran around and checked as many stores as I could and never found anything attesting to the store being mehadrin as a result of this certificate. It simply was posted alongside a Jerusalem Rabbinate non-mehadrin hashgacha, and it appeared the actual level of those stores was still non-mehadrin but the signs and the wording “badatz” and “mehadrin” brought it a great deal of clientele.

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